Greg Miles Lewis is a drummer, composer, and educator currently based in Los Angeles, CA. His compositional works range from jazz and improvisational music to rock, indie, and electronic.  He is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno where he studied Jazz and Percussion Performance.

After graduating with his Bachelor’s degree, Greg went on to tour extensively around the globe with critically-acclaimed rock/experimental duo Rob Ford Explorer. They have released three EPs and performed at such venues as the Mathcore Index Festival, Bristol Quasar Kino Festival, Family Vacation Music Festival, Arlene’s Grocery NYC, and the Roy. O. Disney Music Hall.

Greg has collaborated and performed with many artists and ensembles including the Reno Jazz Orchestra, Santa Clara Vanguard drum corps, Adam Benjamin, Brian Landrus, Zack Teran Group, Marina Hov Quartet, Vinny Golia, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted doo-wop group The Flamingos. Greg has recently become a Canopus Drums endorsed artist.

In addition to his performance career, Greg is also an established music educator and has presented masterclasses at high schools and college campuses across the United States. Greg is currently a graduate teaching assistant at California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, CA where he teaches jazz drum set lessons, musicianship skills, and western classical theory.

Greg is developing a MFA from CalArts where he is studying with drum set with Joe LaBarbera, composition with David Roitstein, and North Indian classical music with Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri.

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